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teenagers on tour
Secondary school pupils touring the Birthplace
Photography: Gabrielle McKone
The Katherine Mansfield Birthplace offers students and their teachers a unique education programme. Colonial Victorian life can be experienced by visiting the Birthplace where a variety of learning resources are available.  Tours with an English focus provide an essential background to some of  Mansfield’s most famous stories.

Tours and activities
Key subject areas: English, Social Studies, History, Technology and Tourism.

Experienced guides provide tours in these curriculum areas.
$3.00/students (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) (teachers/tutors complimentary).

School Holiday Creative Writing Workshops: 
Creative writing workshops taken by Wellington writers at the Birthplace can be booked. Maximum 18 students per workshop. $28.00 per student. Check the Calendar for more details.  (Contact the Curator Education to arrange workshops during term time.)

DVDs: the films The Doll’s House (20 mins), The Garden Party (20 mins) and the documentary "A Portrait of Katherine Mansfield" (50mins) can be viewed on  request.

CDS: recordings of the stories The Doll’s House, Prelude, A Birthday, The Wind Blows and The Garden Party read by Dame Kate Harcourt are available.

Information Sheets: information on the Birthplace, Mansfield and a chronological  list of her stories are available. $2.00/copy.

3D Model of the Doll’s House: the doll’s house can be constructed from this 3D model. $5.00/model.

Classroom Wall Posters: the Birthplace $5.00/Katherine Mansfield $15.00

Books: The Doll’s House and Other Stories  4 retold stories for ESOL students.
$16.00 (for a full list of books available please see Shopping)

Contact details:
For Bookings and Orders Contact:
Curator Education
Katherine Mansfield Birthplace
PO Box 12006
Ph/fax: (04) 473 7268


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