Redevelopment progress at Katherine Mansfield House & Garden

We are almost halfway through our planned time closed for reinterpretation at Katherine Mansfield House & Garden. As with any building work, we have experienced our fair share of delays and complications. However, we can update you on progress concerning: o Weatherboards o Roofing o Exterior Painting

From Victorian to alteration and back: Alteration and restoration work done on 25 Tinakori Road

In anticipation of restoration work on Katherine Mansfield House this year, here is an overview of changes that 25 Tinakori Road has gone through from its initial construction in 1888 to its opening as Katherine Mansfield Birthplace.

Notes on a special piano

KMHG’s lovely small John Broadwood & Sons piano was sounding very off key. An attempt to have it tuned turned into an opportunity to learn more about a very special object in the museum collection.

From the Ashes: the Birth of the Thorndon Society and the Residential E Zone

The construction of Wellington's urban motorway came at a cost to Thorndon's built heritage, including a former home of Katherine Mansfield - the setting for some of her best known New Zealand stories. It also resulted in the community lobbying for protection of built heritage, which helped ensure the preservation of Mansfield's birthplace.

Mansfield Garden opens in Hamilton

Hamilton Gardens' newest garden has been arranged to show a slice of early 20th century New Zealand, drawing on KM's story The Garden Party.

Craving Independence - Annie Beauchamp's participation in local politics

2018 marks 125 years after New Zealand became the first country to grant women the right to vote. The suffrage movement, lead by prominent speakers and writers, was strengthened by the enthusiastic participation of women throughout New Zealand - including Katherine Mansfield's mother, Annie Beauchamp.

Love, hate and the Bloomsbury Group

We are lucky to have a huge quantity of letters left behind by the Bloomsbury Group. Their letters expressing love and hate give us a unique window into their personal lives and relationships.

Creepy Victorians

There’s something about historic Victorian homes that modern visitors find slightly unnerving. Why is that, and why are so many aspects of the Victorian life now associated with creepiness?

When Katherine Mansfield met Aleister Crowley

Where to start when describing Aleister Crowley? Born 12 October 1875, he is best known as one of the most famous occultists in the world. He created a new religious philosophy called Thelema, and collaborated with artist Lady Frieda Harris to create the Thoth tarot deck. He was a mountaineer, writer, and painter - and a conterversial figure, then and today.


At Katherine Mansfield House & Garden there is a tree that is perhaps often overlooked. Leaning over the driveway, it sheds fruit every winter. It’s the medlar tree - a tree with deep roots in history and literature - mentioned by everyone from Chaucer to D H Lawrence.


It's Spring and despite slashing southerlies, flowers are everywhere. Katherine Mansfield once declared that if she only had sixpence left for a meal, a bunch of violets for the table would come first. Her love of flowers and the natural world runs through all her work, both published short stories and her diaries and journals.


Katherine Mansfield loved clothes. She loved them as much as she loved flowers. It shines through in her diaries, journals and stories.