Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award Finalists 2019

Asylvia Redgrave: The Log-woman (Winner)

Jemima Dowle: Perfect Peter (Highly Commended)

Julia Lockerd: Katherine's Ghost (Highly Commended)

Kate Twomey: So Eden sank to Grief (Highly Commended)

Tegan Martin: Crashing Down 

Zoe Peet: Keys between my Fingers

Elizabeth Hogan: Of Dinosaurs and Love

Maggie Tu: Untitled

Alex Donovan: Sanctitude

Ella Tait: Untitled


Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award Finalists 2018

Elsie Christoffel: Letter to love (Winner)

Olivia Sinclair: Gone to sea (Runner up)

Ella Strachan: Untitled (Runner up)

Kate Twomey: Alice (Runner up)

Madeleine Somerville: I am

Elizabeth Schumaker: Me and her

Emma Brown: I've been absent from my skin

Ella Speden: Wasteland

Anneke Hutt: Hide

Elsie Christoffel: Good art


Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award Finalists 2017

Sarah May: Morning coffee (Winner)

Emin Kaya: Kaş (Runner up)

Renee Hanrahan: The elephant in the room (Runner up)

Katie Fenton: Concerto in B major (Runner up)

Judah Dabora: One thousand cranes

Matthew Canlas: Winter's end

Barnard Patel: Flotsam

Zalan Orban: Night riders

Lauren Phang: Beaming lights

Tom Hughes: A date at the lights


Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award Finalists 2016

Katie Reed Imperfection  (Winner)

Varvara Sidorenko Letters from My Grandmother 

Maya Duckworth Night Prayer  

Isla Hutching-Bryant Fooled 

Sarah May Language 

Alexander Sharples Clerical Error 

Caroline Kay All of these Lights 

Tom Hughes The Boom, the Bar and the Bathroom 

Isabella Chayter-Waddy Flotsam 

Summer O'Dwyer The Difference of a Bullet 


Papers from the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Public Lecture Series


Flowering after the ‘Long Depression’? ( 163KB)
E. Professor Gary Hawke, Economic Historian. Retired Head of the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington. Fellow NZIER.


Keynes? Bloomsberries? Economics? How Shocking? ( 332KB)
Dr Larry Lepper, IT specialist and businessman. Doctoral thesis in economic history on J M Keynes.

Sport as Identity ( 130KB)
Emeritus Professor Roger Robinson, School of English, Victoria University. His books include Katherine Mansfield: In from the Margin (1994), and the Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature (1998).


'Downhill' Class Demotion in 20thC NZ Life and Literature ( 173KB)
Dr Malcolm McKinnon

Miss Beauchamp and the Servants
Dr Tony Simpson

Reinventing Arcadia? English Migrants and Class Perceptions in New Zealand
Dr David Pearson  

Links to Resources

Katherine Mansfield Researchers' Guide - National Library of New Zealand 2019 - This guide has been designed to help with researching Katherine Mansfield and includes an overview of Mansfield items held in the Alexander Turnbull Library and National Library collections.

'Why haven't I got a real "home"?': Katherine Mansfield's Divided Self  - W. Todd Martin - 2013 - This article discusses Katherine Mansfield's conflicting desires of womanhood. 

Katherine Mansfield  - Edward Wagenknecht - 1928 - An early biography of Katherine Mansfield which discusses her life and writing. 

The Political Katherine Mansfield  - Lee Garver - 2001 - An article which discusses the political role of Katherine Mansfield's writing, highlighting the relationship between politics and Literary Modernism.

Allusion, Image, and Associative Pattern: The Answers in Mansfield's "Bliss"  - Judith S. Neaman - 1986 - An in-depth analysis of Katherine Mansfield's 'Bliss'.

Lyric compression in the stories of Katherine Mansfield  - Brian Hughes - 1988 - This article discusses how Katherine Mansfield uses different lyrical techniques in her stories. 

Unholy Meanings: Maternity, Creativity, and Orality in Katherine Mansfield  - Patricia Moran - 1991 - This article explores the themes of the body, maternity, creativity and orality in Katherine Mansfield's writing.

Katherine Mansfield and the Aesthetic Object  - J. Lawrence Mitchell - 2004 - This article discusses the presence and use of objects in Katherine Mansfield's writing.

Through the looking‐glass: Queens, dreams, fears in the fiction of Katherine Mansfield  - Marie Jean Lederman - 2010 - An article which discusses the themes in Katherine Mansfield's writing and how they relate to her personal life. 

Darkness as a Symbol in Katherine Mansfield  - Celeste Turner Wright - 1954 - This article discusses the theme of darkness in Katherine Mansfield's writing, and how it related to her personal life. 

Hating Katherine Mansfield  - Andrew Bennett - 2002 - This article explores the relationship between Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield, and their relationship with their writing. 

Reading the feminine in the major stories of Katherine Mansfield  - Susan Leslie Pratt - 1992 - This article analyses tensions between gender and discourse in Katherine Mansfield's writing, to highlight the feminist aspect of the literature. 

The Fastidiousness of Katherine Mansfield  - Sidney Cox - 1931 - This article discusses the use of seemingly trivial details in her short stories, and how they give deeper meaning to her writing when analysed.

Katherine Mansfield: The Critical Trend  - Jack Garlington - 1956 - This article discusses trends of criticism in Katherine Mansfield's literature; what was criticised, and the manner it is criticised in. 

Katherine Mansfield at the Front  - Angela Smith - 2011 - This essay explores the modernist Fauvist dynamic of the little magazine Rhythm (1911–1913) and its effect on the aesthetic development of Katherine Mansfield and Frederick Goodyear, two of its contributors.

Katherine Mansfield and Kezia  - George Shelton Hubbell - 1927 - An article which explores Katherine Mansfield's portrayal and relationship with children in her short stories.

Katherine Mansfield: Plagiarist, Disciple, or Ardent Admirer?  - Ronald Sutherland - 2013 - An article which discusses the influence of author Anton Chekhov on Katherine Mansfield.