Dear Katherine

  • Katherine Mansfield House & Garden, 25 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, Wellington, 6011
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A collection of ceramic art by Sophie Florence Arbuckle inspired by Katherine Mansfield's life and writing in honour of the centenary of Mansfield’s death this year.

From the artist: 

This collection started in August 2022. Initially, I planned to make a collection of works to celebrate the lives of several influential creative women in history. Mansfield was the first on my list and once I began researching her life and realised the centenary of her death was the following year, an entire body of works rapidly took shape in my mind.

With a personal interest in old English ceramics, I have used techniques and style influences from the period in which Katherine lived in England. As well as Katherine’s world itself, I have taken inspiration from her eccentric fashion sense, her love of gardens and the language of flowers, even little details from her various homes and flats can be found in my work.

I hope you enjoy my creations and viewing Mansfield’s legacy through my eyes and hands. Even though Katherine’s life was cut tragically short, I know she is honored and respected through the celebration of her legacy. This is just one example of how Katherine Mansfield influences other artists from different spheres to portray her life through their own creative expression.

The works in this exhibition will be available to purchase. Sophie Florence Arbuckle is represented by Avid Gallery.

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