Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society No Longer Seeking Remains Repatriation to New Zealand

24 March 2017

The Board of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society has explored the repatriation of Katherine Mansfield’s remains to Wellington, Katherine’s birthplace.

The Society recently wrote to the Mayor of Avon asking her to consider the idea of the repatriation from France to New Zealand.  This letter was supported by one from the Mayor of Wellington, Justin Lester.

The Society and the Mayor regard the idea as significant, not just to Wellington but to New Zealand as a country, and is an accepted cultural practice in New Zealand.  This aspect was outlined clearly to the Mayor of Avon to assist her to understand the New Zealand cultural context and importance of the request.

The Society has now received a response from the Mayor of Avon who has declined to support the idea.  

On this basis, the Society has decided this matter will not now proceed.


Nicola Saker, President, Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society, Inc. Contact: 0274 536 490