Remembering Wendy Tolley

Wendy Patricia Tolley (1930-2017) was one of the founding gardeners at Katherine Mansfield's birthplace in Wellington. 

She had a degree in Botany from Queen Mary College (London University) which she used to great effect at 25 Tinakori Road when the house and garden were being restored in the 1980s. Wendy's meticulous research created a heritage garden of accuracy and integrity. 

Wendy was a gracious, generous and loyal member of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society and her contribution was vital to the establishment of what is now recognised as a garden of national significance. 

Flowers from the garden (see photo) were delivered to the family home and given pride of place at a gathering of friends following Wendy's funeral.

A plaque commemorating her contribution is to be organised for the garden seat on the front lawn. Her most vital memorial is the garden itself, which attracts many admirers and continues to develop and enchant visitors.