EKB: Artist & Friend Exhibition Booklet

Created to accompany the exhibition, EKB: Artist & Friend, this 28-page booklet also stands alone as a short biography of Edith Kathleen Bendall (later Robison) and an exploration of her relationship with Katherine Mansfield.

Edith Kathleen Bendall (1879-1986) was an artist, centenarian and close friend of Katherine Mansfield during her last year in New Zealand. As a young woman at the turn of the 20th-century she travelled to Sydney for training and found work illustrating for major newspapers and well-known children's authors. After her marriage to Gerald Robison, she became Edith Kathleen Robison and continued to exhibit and sell work into her nineties. She fondly remembered her friendship with the teenage Mansfield, whose intense journal entries from the time show Mansfield was captivated by Bendall and suggest a passionate relationship between the two young women. 

A comprehensive biography of Edith has never been published before and this one draws on many primary sources to provide insight into Edith's life, career and achievements. The booklet also features previously unpublished artworks.

Written by Cherie Jacobson, Director, Katherine Mansfield House & Garden; designed by Roger Joyce.

A5 soft-cover, 28 pages + cover pages.


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