Mansfield Album

12 Mansfield poems interpreted by leading musicians from Aotearoa NZ, released Feb 2020.


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Released in February 2020, 'Mansfield' is an album of 12 poems by Katherine Mansfield interpreted by leading musicians from Aotearoa New Zealand. 

"...shaped by intelligent voices and some impeccable musicianship." Elsewhere

"...a beautiful and bizarre thing, this album, with tracks ranging from weird to wonderful. Folksy ballads, and electric elegy, with the acoustic highlighting the emotion in the context of the words, and the digital showing the meter, foot, and beat the words sit upon. Reading along is one thing but feeling along is a whole new experience."

Full track list:

To K.M. – Anna Coddington    
Malade – Lawrence Arabia 
Secret Flowers – Lontalius 
There was a child once (XX) – Mel Parsons 
Night-Scented Stock – Godfrey de Grut feat. Tusiata Avia
Sunset – Will Ricketts & Toby Laing feat. Louis Baker  
The New Husband – Lorina Harding  
Pic-Nic – Delaney Davidson 
The Awakening River – Charlotte Yates (Mark Tierney Remix)
Sanary – The Bats  
To L.H.B. – Julia Deans 
The Wounded Bird – French For Rabbits

2 panel, 2 pocket printed cardboard disc cover with 16 page booklet of poems.