Above: Two of our growing collection of heritage roses

The Garden

"I shall have a garden one day, and work in it, too. Plant, weed, tie up, throw over the wall. And the peony border really will be staggering. Oh, how I love flowers! I think of them with such longing. I go through them, one after another, remembering them from their first moments with love—oh, with rapture." From a letter Katherine Mansfield sent to her husband John Middleton Murry, 13 October 1922

Our modestly-sized heritage garden is full of flowers and plants that were popular during Katherine Mansfield's lifetime. She loved flowers and often mentioned them in her writing. The front garden features a collection of French heritage roses, which is particularly appropriate given the time Mansfield spent in France and her final resting place outside of Paris. The back garden is planted with native shrubs and trees to reflect the original landscape.

The garden is cared for by our Head Gardener Frank Jansen and his team from Sunshine Gardening alongside our wonderful garden volunteers, with input from Joy Bourke of JB Garden Design. If you’re interested in volunteering in garden, we’d love to hear from you.

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A huge thanks to Daltons for their generous support of our garden through the donation of garden supplies.

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