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Tripadvisor, Google Reviews and Facebook

'To say that I love Katherine is quite an to visit the KM house was an absolute delight seriously gorgeous.' Google Reviews, April 2021

'I have just visited the house and it was a wonderful experience. So evocative. It took me back to my youth, when I first started to read KM and I remembered the powerful influence she had on me as a young writer of short stories. I loved the decor too...Very inspiring. Thank you for a lovely visit.' Facebook, September 2020

'A gorgeous little hidden gem. Such a friendly and helpful guide too. Felt like I'd taken a little step back into history.' Tripadvisor, January 2020

'Fascinating and charming. For any person who enjoys literature and the story of authors, this is an excellent Museum. It would also be of interest for people with a fascination for domestic colonial life in the Victorian era.' Tripadvisor, December 2019

'One of the small museums you might overlook... Don't! It's great!!' Tripadvisor, December 2019

Via email

'I finally had a chance to visit the KM House on a visit to Wellington and think it is an excellent experience.  I thought I knew quite a lot about KM, but I didn't!' Bronwen, September 2023

'We loved our visit to KMH and you were so welcoming, thank you.' Michele, October 2020

Travel blogs, articles and publications

'The sun is shining through the gently waving fronds of a Nikau Palm; there are cabbage butterflies and monarchs flitting across the path and fluttering around the carefully planted borders of the garden...The front door of Katherine Mansfield house is wide open, like a good Kiwi home's front door should be, waiting to invite visitors into this quiet, sacred, temple to one of New Zealand's treasured cultural I pay my $10 and accept the little guide pamphlet I feel a bit like the first time I voted: like I'm taking part in a sacred duty.' Kylie Klein-Nixon,

'I soon discovered that there was a lot more to Katherine than I previously realised...What I really enjoyed as I passed through the various different rooms, were the excerpts from Katherine’s works and letters which have been placed around the walls. These have been thoughtfully chosen to bring out an aspect of life that would have taken place in a particular room...I lived in Thorndon for several years, and somehow never found the time to take that 15 minute walk down Tinakori Road! In some ways it was worth the wait, because I gained the advantage of the restoration and all the new information which this brought to light.' Carole, Coconut Lands travel blog

'Going to Katherine Mansfield's birthplace is not unlike visiting the Treaty House, in that the history associated with the place almost overwhelms the building.' Linda Burgess, Historic Houses: A Visitor's Guide to Early New Zealand