25 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, Wellington.


Katherine Mansfield House and Garden is a 15-minute walk from the Wellington Railway Station/Lambton Quay and approximately 10 minutes from the Parliament buildings, National Library and Old St Paul’s cathedral.

Public Bus

The #14 bus (Stop 5515, Park Street [near 7 Park Street], or Stop 4415, Park Street at Burnell Ave) and the #1 and #24 buses (Stop 5024, Thorndon Quay at Motorway [Hirequip] or Stop 5490, Thorndon Quay opposite Tinakori Road) all stop a short walk from the house.

Car Parking

Two hours free parking is available directly outside the house (two spaces) and there is free parking on the eastern side of Tinakori Road, along Hobson Street and Fitzherbert Terrace for either one or two hours - look for the blue parking sign for specific details. Note that in 'Coupon Parking' spaces, you can park for free for two hours without a coupon. Avoid resident parking areas marked with yellow lines.

There is paid parking opposite The Woolstore on Thorndon Quay with access to Tinakori Road up the zig-zag path that features in one of Katherine Mansfield's stories (see below). The walk up the uphill path then along the flat of Tinakori Road to the house takes about 3 minutes. Click here for Wellington City Council paid parking information.

There is a mobility park approximately 50 meters from the house, near the corner of Tinakori Road and Hobson Street (outside 120 Hobson Street). This page provides more information about visiting the house if you have accessibility needs.

"They cannot walk fast enough. Their heads bent, their legs just touching, they stride like one eager person through the town, down the asphalt zigzag where the fennel grows wild and on to the esplanade. It is dusky—just getting dusky. The wind is so strong that they have to fight their way through it, rocking like two old drunkards. All the poor little pōhutukawas on the esplanade are bent to the ground." - 'The Wind Blows'