Enter the 1888 home of a fashionable colonial family and discover the world and writing of Katherine Mansfield, an internationally acclaimed New Zealand writer. Enjoy our heritage garden and delve deeper through changing exhibitions.

Katherine Mansfield House & Garden is a writer’s museum and Category 1 Historic Place in Thorndon, Wellington. Opened to the public in 1988, Katherine Mansfield House & Garden offers a unique insight into 19th-century Wellington and the life, loves and literature of its most famous former occupant. 

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If it’s been a while since you visited, it’s definitely worth visiting again! In 2019 the house underwent some much-needed maintenance. We also took the opportunity to refresh our approach to telling the story of Katherine Mansfield and her stylish family. Working with Dr William Cottrell, an expert in the furniture and interiors of 19th-century New Zealand, some incredible pieces of historic furniture were acquired to help illustrate the trends of the late 19th-century. A new permanent exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to delve deeper into Mansfield’s world.