Katherine Mansfield: A 'Do You Remember' Life

A perfect introduction to the work and world of Katherine Mansfield, this book features four short stories with an illustrated introduction.


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Produced especially for Katherine Mansfield House & Garden with a foreword by KMBS founder Oroya Day, Katherine Mansfield A 'Do You Remember' Life features four of Mansfield's short stories with a connection to the house at 25 Tinakori Road and Mansfield's childhood. A short biography by Gillian Boddy (now Gillian Greer) at the start of the book shows how Mansfield's upbringing in New Zealand influenced her later work and is illustrated with historical photographs.

The stories included are 'A Birthday', 'The Wind Blows', 'Prelude' and 'The Doll's House'.

Katherine Mansfield scholar Gillian Boddy (now Gillian Greer) became fascinated by Mansfield's life and work while a secondary school teacher. She went on to complete a PhD, published Katherine Mansfield: The Woman and the Writer, worked on the documentary A Portrait of Katherine Mansfield, and continues to be involved with Katherine Mansfield House & Garden as an expert in Mansfield's life and work.

Measures 130mm x 190mm, 143 pages. Paperback. 



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