The Katherine Mansfield Cookbook

'I feel so gay and at peace - the whole house takes the air. Lunch is ready. I have a baked egg, apricots and cream, cheese straws and black coffee. How delicious!' (Notebooks, 2, 166)

The Katherine Mansfield Cookbook features recipes, menus, and evocative descriptions of kitchens and food from Mansfield's writing.

Katherine Mansfield was a prodigious writer, not only of the short fiction published in her lifetime, but also of letters, journals, diaries, scrapbooks and lists. In these, like a trail of breadcrumbs, are recipes, menus and descriptions of food and the kitchens in which it was prepared and cooked. Many of the recipes in The Katherine Mansfield Cookbook are those Mansfield wrote down herself.

"Mansfield scholar Nicola Saker has done a marvellous job bringing together references from throughout Mansfield's life, from her childhood in Thorndon to her bohemian life in England, and offering accompanying recipes." Laura Macfehin, 'Katherine Mansfield's new cookbook features 'meek' steaks and plum soup' (

Edited by Nicola Saker and designed by Roger Joyce. All proceeds from this publication support the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society and Katherine Mansfield House & Garden.

A5 softcover, 40 pages. 


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